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Françoise Cartier (1952) and Daniel Cartier (1950), exhibit as  f&d cartier  and live in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Since 1995, the visual artist couple merged their practices –plastic arts & photography- to move toward new approaches.  Examining two indispensable prerequisites for photography - light and sensitive paper –  
they opt for “camera-less” combined with “found-objects” concepts, resulting in photo-graphics in the literal sense: the light draws a unique image on sensitive photographic paper, without being bundled by any lens. 
They experiment with various kinds of collected silver gelatin photosensitive papers and light, creating unfixed and evolutional site-specific chromatic photo paper series and installations.
Series of daylight photograms, extreme solarisations, reinterpretation of albumen glass plate’s are completed. 
Exemplifying their minimalist tendencies, the duo questions everyday life, intimacy, passing of time, the position and role of the artist & the Image in today’s society

Festival Jouph Biel/Bienne Wait and See, 2011                       Art Contemportain les halles Porrentruy, 2014                             Turner H Cardiff 21.06-27.07.13     Berne Kornhaus 24.10-24.11.13        UH University 31.1-16.3.14       W&S Night and Day, 2015  Artist monograph_Ffotogallery 2013  extracts 2 essays          

>Anna McNay We are the camera Photomonitor essay >interview french MP3 (7.79 MB) concept Wait and See "Shadows on the Wall" CAMERALESS PHOTOGRAPHY FROM 1851 TO TODAY The Museum of Fine Arts Houston review/critique pdf

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