F&D Cartier
WAIT AND SEE, 1998 to present
008 F&D Cartier _ Wait and See, 2014  -The never taken images-Kaunas Photography gallery LT, Russie, 1960, 3x 13x18cm.jpg


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F&D Cartier Installation Wait and See, The never taken images SMENA CULTURAL CENTER KAZAN / ONLINE MAGAZINE IMAGES OF SHOW AND INTERVIEW Residency research Program_ Tasma plant Kazan Tatarstan Russia/ Exhibition 09.2019

2 in-situ installations of expired black/white photosensitive papers. Once exposed to given light of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum the different b/w sheets begin a constant chromatic evolution due to their chemicals in dialogue with the surrounding atmosphere of the space of the Museum. CLOUD, 05.09 - 5.11.2017, consists of 50 different b/w papers ranging from 1900 to 1980, of varied formats from 6x9 to 50x60cm. CASCADES, 05.09 - 5.11.2017, is created with a Gevaert 1940 paper roll, given to us by the archivist of the Musée de la Photographie in Charleroi in 2016. The installation is left unfixed. A living process archived and titled : Wilhelm-Hack-Museum's Light, Ludwigshafen, 05.09 - 05.11.2017. Works from Wolfgang Tillmans (Constellations), Max Wolf 19th glas plates neg of astronomical researches, Adrian Sauer (Clouds) are in the same space. Curator Kathrin Schönegg / Head curators Christin Müller and Florian Ebner

Wait and See_Blue Sky Gallery Portland, 03.14 >video VIDEO UNVEILING WAIT AND SEE AT BLUE SKY GALLERY PORTLAND


Awards, Residencies, Distinctions

London Light, April to September 1999 >6 monthly daylight b/w photograms in our atelier in London, during our residency grant.


F&D Cartier Wait and See, Zurich, 9 - 26 juin 2016


WE ARE THE CAMERA_Françoise and Daniel Cartier - F&D Cartier HCP 2004_NEA Grant



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